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Zhang Kang

Director & Senior Partner, Council Member of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Songjiang & Fengxian District of Shanghai, Co-founder of the Fund Wheel, Member of China Law Society & China National Bar Association. Mr. Zhang has been engaged in the practice and research of company and contract litigation for a long time, and has rich practical experience in corporate equity transfer, company contract management and business risk control, etc.

Based on abundant practical experience, Mr. Zhang adheres to conduct thorough research to the litigation practice, grasp accurate business dynamic, and strive for completely solving the problem with one-stop service. In the course of practice, he has formed a rigorous, meticulous, comprehensive and steady work style. In cooperation with the customer, he can reminder clients with various legal risks in a timely manner and provide effective legal solutions to assist clients to achieve their goals.

Working language: Chinese, English

Na Ren
Na Ren graduated from the Law Department of LiaoNing University in 1992 worked at the Bank of China in the same year. And later he started his law practice at Shanghai HongSanQuan Law Firm. After several years, he co-established Shanghai NuoDi Law firm with several other founding partners. Na Ren’s practice focuses on foreign investment, international trade,mergers acquisitions, due diligence, stock issuance listing at home abroad, project finance, commercial contracting, civil commercial litigation arbitration, consulate recognition confirmation etc. Mr. Na has successfully represented a large number of well-known multi-national companies organizations in their investment, corporate reconstruction contractual disputes, work-related injury compensations. He also serves as long-term legal counsel to several multinational corporations .He has held more than 1000 cases of various types so far, based on which he has established rich theoretical practical expertise, particularly in the field of foreign-related affairs enjoyed a high professional reputation thereof.
Li Yu

Li Yu lawyer, the senior partner of Shanghai Nuodi law firm, graduated from the Liaoning University Faculty of Law then obtained MBA master’s degree in the University of Northern Virginia in United States. She has practiced law since 1999.

.Li Yu lawyer is good at all kinds of international trade, maritime affairs, foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights and other areas of litigation and non litigation legal affairs. She is also employed as a counsel for many multi-national corporations and has accunulated great experience in legal affairs,She also serves as a perennial legal consultant to many famous enterprises.

Li Yu abides by the credibility of the lawyers, justice tenacity. In her practice in mind, the better case, the re-survey evidence. The use of legal wisdom goods at thinking for the parties to solve problems successfully hled a large number of major, complex difficult cases, the customer enjoys the trust praise.

Zhang Haijun
Zhang Haijun graduated from the law department of Nanjing University received a bachelor ’s degree. He had successively worked in Shanghai Zhentao Law Firm Shanghai Dingli Law Firm, now he is a founding partner of Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm. Zhang Haijun lawyers had worked in the famous Sino-foreign joint ventures for several years, he has accumulated rich experience in international laws with a focus on foreign investment in Chin Mr. Zhang had offered legal services on China issues to some multi-national companies. Since 1998 he worked as a lawyer, He has been successfully dealt with more than 500 complicated cases worked for several companies as Legal Adviser. Zhang Haijun’s practice focuses on Marriage Family inheritance law. At the same time he is good at contract law corporation law .And he worked hard in safeguarding the rights of vulnerable groups of society.
Jarod Shi
East China University of Political Science and Law, majored in State Law.

Fudan University, LLM

Specialized in Corporate Legal affairs, such as management level Training and Labor Law

Currently, serves universities, research organizations and foreign enterprises.

Working language: Chinese, English

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